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Razer Gold PUBG Lite: Best Midasbuy Alternative to Buy PC in PUBG Lite 2023

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Razer Gold PUBG Lite: PUBG players needs to top up in game credits for various items they can get in games such as PUBG and PUBG Lite. There are various methods or websites to buy in game currencies, some of them we have already discussed in previous posts. Today specifically we are going to tell about Razer Gold PUBG Lite. From Razer Gold PUBG Lite you can easily get top ups for games as well as entertainment applications. In this post we will be explaining you in detail that What is Razer Gold PUBG Lite? What are the Features of Razer Gold PUBG Lite? How to buy BC from Razer Gold PUBG Lite?

What is Razer Gold PUBG Lite?

Razor Gold is a platform or a website to buy PUBG Lite BC, PUBG UC and BGMI UC. Not only this there are about 42,000 games in total for which you can buy in game currencies. Moreover, Razor Gold also provides entertainment content. There are about 5.6 million gamers using razor gold to buy in-game content. This makes Razor Gold one of the worlds largest virtual credits websites. Razor Gold provides rewards in the form of Razor Silver for each purchase gamers do, which later can be used to buy or redeem more in game or entertainment content. We will be discussion more about Razor Gold later in this post so stay connected.

Razer Gold PUBG Lite

Razor Gold PUBG Lite has made it very simple to buy BC or UC. You just need to load amount to your razor gold wallet and then you can buy any in game or entertainment content. If you don’t know that How to buy BC from Razer Gold PUBG Lite, then you need not to worry any more as we will make it very easy for you to buy bc in pubg lite through razor gold in this post itself.

Razer Gold PUBG Lite: Features

Razor Gold PUBG Lite has various features to benefit gamers all around the globe. Apart from one of the largest on-line wallet to buy in game currencies razor gold has been gamers first choice. This is because of the features it offer gamers. Let us now discuss the features of Razor Gold PUBG Lite in detail.

Large User Base

The largest independent virtual currency marketplace for games and entertainment is called Razor Gold. It is used by almost 5.6 million players to obtain virtual goods. Clearly, Razor Gold may be trusted based on this.

Largest Collection of In Game and Entertainment Content

In one location, Razor Gold provides top-up for more than 42,000 games with entertainment content. It is therefore trustworthy to use. Additionally, this explains why so many individuals choose Razor Gold PUBG Lite.

Prices and Promotion Offered

Razor Gold collaborates with a number of businesses to provide the finest game offers and unique in-game products.

Variety of Payment Methods Available

There are all the major payment methods such as Credit cards, Debit Cards, Online Wallets available to make the purchases to load amount in razor gold pubg lite.

Earn Reward Points

With every purchase you can earn rewards in the form if razor silver which can be used to redeem in game currencies and in game entertainment items. This makes gamers addicted to used razor gold pubg lite.

Razor Gold PUBG Lite BC Price

PUBG Lite BC at Razor Gold are available at very cheap rates. Therefore make PUBG Lite Gamers use Razor Gold PUBG Lite BC to buy bc in pubg lite.

  • 36 INR – 30 BC
  • 72 INR – 96 BC
  • 216 INR – 272 BC
  • 720 INR – 976 BC

How to Buy BC from Razor Gold PUBG Lite?

As mentioned earlier that it is very easy to buy bc for pubg lite from razor gold, now we will explain step by step in detail that How to Buy BC from Razor Gold PUBG Lite? To buy BC in PUBG Lite from Razor Gold follow the step by step process mentioned below.

How to Buy BC from Razor Gold PUBG Lite using Razor Gold PIN?

  1. To purchase a Razer Gold PIN, go to an approved Razer Gold retailer.
  2. Select the Razer Gold PIN, then pay with that method or ask the cashier for the Razer Gold PIN.
  3. Register an account with Razer Gold. Next, select RELOAD.
  4. Select Razer Gold PIN as your method of payment.
  5. After entering the 14-digit PIN, select “Next.”
  6. With the help of the Razer Gold PIN, you have successfully reloaded your Razer Gold account. The receipt will be delivered to your email and made available for viewing under Account Summary.

How to Buy BC from Razor Gold PUBG Lite using Bonus Gold Voucher?

  1. Utilize your Razer ID and password to log into your Razer Gold account at To register if you don’t already have one, click “new account.”
  2. Under Razer Gold reloads, choose Bonus Gold Voucher.
  3. After entering the coupon code, select “Next.”
  4. You’ve successfully used a Bonus Gold Voucher to refresh your Razer Gold account. You may examine the receipt that was sent to your email by visiting

How to Buy BC from Razor Gold PUBG Lite using Credit & Debit Cards?

  • Select Visa or Mastercard as your form of payment.
  • Then press the “Next” button after entering the reload amount.
  • Click the “Confirm” button after entering your payment information.
  • You were successful in replenishing your Razer Gold balance. The receipt will be delivered to your email and is accessible at Account Overview

How to Buy BC from Razor Gold PUBG Lite using PayPal?

  • Enter your email address and password to log into your Razer account at To create a Razer account if you don’t already have one, go to
  • Under the section for Razer Gold refills, choose PayPal.
  • Click “Next” after you have entered the reload amount.
  • Register a new account or sign in to your existing PayPal account.
  • Click the next button after selecting your preferred payment option.
  • You were successful in replenishing your Razer Gold balance. A receipt will be delivered to your email, or you can examine your account summary by visiting

Razor Gold PUBG Lite: FAQs

How can I get a free Razer gold pin?

Simply register for an account on Idle-Empire, respond to a few paid surveys, watch movies, or complete offers to get your free Razer Gold Pin. You can then instantly exchange your points for a gold pin, which we’ll deliver straight to your email inbox.

Does Razer Silver expire?

The Razer Silver given to a user has a validity span of twelve (12) calendar months beginning at the end of the month in which the Razer Silver was given, and it will automatically expire if it is not used during that time.

How do I convert my Razer gold to Silver?

You receive 30 Razer Silver for every USD1 in Razer Gold that is spent in a single transaction. You’ll have access to unique gaming offers and become one step closer to getting the Razer hardware you want or other fantastic incentives.


Razor Gold PUBG Lite is another Best Website to buy PB for PUBG Lite, PUBG, PUBG New State and BGMI. With the simple steps mentioned above you can easily load balance to Razor Gold Account and buy in game items from it. We also have mentioned about Midasbuy PUBG Lite in our previous post, if you want to learn more about How to buy BC in OUNG Lite then make sure ti checkout that post too.

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