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Midasbuy PUBG Lite: How to Buy BC in PUBG Lite 2023?

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Midasbuy PUBG Lite: PUBG Lite is one of the most played games among budget gamers who cannot afford to get a beast PC or Phone like other gamers. There are many in-game purchases such as player outfits, skins, and so on. It requires BC (Battle Coins) to buy skins or outfits in PUBG Lite. However, people don’t know about Midasbuy PUBG Lite or How to buy BC in PUBG Lite Paytm 2023. This post will exclusively focus on Midasbuy PUBG Lite.

What is Midasbuy PUBG Lite?

Midasbuy PUBG Lite: To be precise Midasbuy is one of the best top-up websites for gamers that can help you purchase in-game currencies for various games such as PUBG Lite and PUBG. Moreover, Midasbuy PUBG Lite can also be used to buy gift cards and other entertainment top-ups. Midasbuy PUBG Lite is significantly eminent for its instant service to offer PUBG Lite BC and PUBG UC.

midasbuy pubg lite

Unlike other websites, Midasbuy PUBG Lite doesn’t demand much information about the user. It merely requires PUBG Lite ID to top up the account with Battle Coins or BC which can later be used for in-game purchases. This easy way to top up and the user experience that Midasbuy PUBG Lite offers have made Midasbuy one of the popular in-game currency top-up websites.

Midasbuy PUBG Lite: Features

There are loads of features that Midasbuy PUBG Lite offers its users to satisfy them and win their trust as well as maintain its position among the other similar top-up websites. Therefore talking about Midasbuy PUBG Lite Features is a must. Midasbuy Top Up Center Offers the following features.

Midasbuy is easy to navigate

One can find the separate sections of the games to do top-up. All the games available to top up are listed on the navigation bar which makes it simple or Midasbuy PUBG Lite user to navigate for their games to top up.

Cheap in-game currencies

If you compare PUBG Lite BC rates with Google Play and Midasbuy, then you can easily find out that Midasbuy offers PUBG Lite BC at much cheaper rates. This also is another reason that attracts users to buy BC PUBG Lite from a third-party website such as Midasbuy.

Multiple Payment Options

Midasbuy supports multiple payment options such as PayPal, Razor Gold, Internet Banking, Credit Cards, Wallets such as Paytm, and so on to make the payment convenient for the consumers.

Instant Delivery

In-game currencies purchased from Midasbuy PUBG Lite are instantly credited into the game account without any kind of delay or issues. This is one of the top most features that Midasbuy is known for.

Customer Support

Although there is only a 1% chance of any issue, however, midasbuy also provides customer support where you can ask all your queries related to your transactions.

Midasbuy PUBG Lite BC Price

Midasbuy Offers PUBG Lite BC at Cheap Rates. Midasbuy PUBG Lite BC are listed below.

  • 36 INR – 30 BC
  • 72 INR – 96 BC
  • 216 INR – 272 BC
  • 720 INR – 976 BC

How to buy BC from Midasbuy PUBG Lite?

Midasbuy has a very simple way to buy bc. All you have to do is follow the steps below to buy BC from Midasbuy PUBG Lite.

  • From PUBG Lite copy your character ID.
  • Visit Midasbuy PUBG Lite official website.
  • Now head on to the PUBG Lite section.
  • Input your character ID in the field asking it.
  • Choose the BC pack you want to buy from Midasbuy PUBG Lite.
  • Choose the payment method convenient to you.
  • Complete the payment
  • Done, now check your PUBG Lite Account, BC has been credited into your account by Midasbuy PUBG Lite.

How to buy BC from Midasbuy PUBG Lite through Razor Gold?

Did not find your payment method? Dont worry, you can still buy pubg lite BC from midasbuy using alternative payment method that is Razor Gold. To buy PUBG Lite BC from Razor Gold.

midasbuy pubg lite
  • Create an account on Razor Gold official Website.
  • Now add the amonunt for which you want to buy BC in razor gold through UPI (India), cards, bank and so on.
  • In this step head over to the Midasbuy PUBG Lite.
  • Select PUBG Lite game > Enter PUBG Lite Character ID > Choose the PUBG Lite BC Pack.
  • Now select Razor Gold as Payment Method.
  • You will be redirected to the Razor Gold website and the amont will be deducted from razor gold.
  • Done, check your game, PUBG Lite BC is credited to your account via Midasbuy PUBG Lite.

Midasbuy PUBG Lite Not Working in India

Midasbuy used to be a very popular third party website to buy PUBG Lite BC in India before its operations closed in the country. Gradually Midasbuy PUBG Lite all servers banned. Now Midasbuy is not working in India and you cannot buy PUBG Lite BC from Midasbuy Now.

How to Buy BC from Midasbuy PUBG Lite in India?

To buy PUBG Lite BC in India from Midasbuy all you need to do is connect to US VPN and follow the steps to buy PUBG Lite BC as mentioned above. This trick is currently working to buy pubg lite bc at cheap in India because midasbuy’s all Indian servers are banned, therefore connecting to a different region can help you open the website and complete the PUBG BC order.

Midasbuy PUBG Lite: FAQs

Is Midasbuy safe to use?

Yes, Midasbuy is absolutely safe to use. It has multiple positive customer reviews that you can read on Google.

What are Midasbuy alternatives?

The best midasbuy alternatives are listed below

  • Razor Gold
  • Codashop

Why Midasbuy not working in India?

Midasbuy servers are banned in India, however you can still use midasbuy in india using VPN.


Midasbuy is indeed one of the best top us centers for gamers to get in-game currencies at a much cheaper rate than the game itself. This post explains in detail why? All your doubts such as What is Midasbuy PUBG Lite?, How to Buy PUBG Lite BC in India Midasbuy, and so on are explained very clearly in this post. Still, if you have any queries, feel free to drop them below. Read more article related to PUBG here.

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